Happy Mothers Day

Has it really been a month since I last posted on this poor neglected blog?

Needless to say, life is busy, there are few quiet moments, and free time is hard to come by. What a wonderfully busy season it has been and I wouldn't trade it for the world. And when I have this sweet face to greet me in the morning and give kisses before bed at night, why spend time on the computer?
And Mom came for a wonderful surprise visit. What a sweet time it was. Lots of squeals from our little Munchie girl and I think that all the time G-ma got to have with her was a highlight and a nice break for me!

Happy Mothers day Momma, I love you!


AZ Poolside at G'ma's said...

The many adorable faces of Audrey are in my mind on replay. And one fav to hold on to, is not so much her face, but Audrey's BIG toe. As I was gently rubbing the bottom of her BIG toe, she fell asleep in her car seat. I love you all.
Happy First Mother's Day!

Cat Watson said...

So sweet! I call Evelyn my little Munchie girl too! Don't know where it came from though haha!

Gigi Geller Beall said...

What a delight meeting your precious little Audrey. You were only 13 when we met, hard to believe you're a Mom! It was so much fun seeing my younger friend being a playful & silly Gma! Can't wait for the next visit! Enjoy all these wonderful moments, never mind blogging, just enjoy sweet sweet Audrey!!!

RKP said...

those rolls are amazing! :)

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