Minor Obsession

Its become apparent that as soon as my daughter hits her teen years not only will she still be known as Little Meeps or Meeper, but she also will be known as the "poop shade child." (I'm sure her man will love her anyways.) As of late when I have seen people at church or out running errands the conversation goes something like this:

Person A:"She is so cute."
Me: "Thanks, we love her."
Person A: "Oh yeah, I read your blog about the poop on the lamp shade."
Me: "Yup, thats her alright."

Now if you have said this do not feel bad, I fully expect such a response when a child accomplishes a feat like that, I mention it more to record it for posterity's sake so at least some day Audrey can know that even though she is known for her projectile poop, at least people thought she looked cute doing it.

If my child could be known for something else, besides her bodily functions, it seems she has a new interest at 3 months of age.

[pause, gasp, roll eyes]

Yup, I'm not kidding. Becca keeps telling me its the lights and sounds that captivate her. I always thought I would be the parent who never lets their kid know the TV exists and that there are more exciting things to do and see than stare at 32 inches of plastic and wires.

I'm eating my words as I type.

In case you can't believe it, here is a little glimpse into her obsession.
This was Sunday watching Olympics with Dad and she probably didn't take her eyes off it besides an occasional glance at Seth just to make sure he was still there to snuggle.

And if that isn't enough proof, this was yesterday when I was Mr. Toyoda dig himself out of some big trouble during his testimony to Congress.
Craning your neck to watch is very important to this little girl.

Something tells me we won't be watching as much TV when this little one is around. But gosh do we love her. And how can you resist a pacifier sucking, hat wearing face like this?
Last, but not least, we do care about other milestones like sleep too. Our girl is finally sleeping 12 hours at night. And now we are going to go watch some TV to celebrate.


Bethany Miller said...

Yah for 12 hours of sleep and for binkie/hat cuteness!!

Megan said...

Great post!! And congrats on the 12 hour gig.

AZPoolside said...

Oh, Yippeeeeeeee! I can't wait to see you all, awake and alseep ;-)

Justin & Erin Toops said...

LOL. I love it. At least she likes to watch current events like her mommy?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget "A" crying while I was holding her, until I turned her around to the t.v. and she immediately stopped crying, and was mesmerized by 101 Dalmations!
When I turned her away, she cried again, when I turned her back to the t.v. she stopped!!
What a cutie pie!
Love to all!!
Grammy Remsnyder

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