The many names of Audrey

Baby A, Little Meeps, Meeper, Monkey, Monkeytron (more on that later), Monk, Munch, Munchie, Little love, and the list could go on.

I'm just wondering when she is going to figure out what her real name is.


Laura said...

don' feel bad, Miya will answer to: Moo, moomer, miya-moo, M, mammer, sunshine, and the list goes on :) Maybe it teaches them versatility..or just makes them straight up confused! But I like to think versatility :)

AZPoolside said...

LOL Happy 2nd Month B'day Miss Meeps! .... Ask yourself, were you every confused by your nick names...given to you by those whou love you?
***smooches***and Rasps {{{}}}

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