"little little meeper"

5 Weeks, before sickness really set in.
12 weeks, finally starting to feel better. Not quite showing.
16 weeks on the beach at Cape May. Showing a tiny bit at this point.
Almost 20 weeks. Still wearing my pants and finally showing a little bump, but not big enough to have that "I am pregnant and that is why I have this gut" kind of look. (I have to say these pictures are terrible looking. Is there really an attractive way to do this?)

We are counting down the days until boy or girl and in the meantime Little Meeper is kicking up a storm. I'm convinced their acrobatic skills start in the womb. It's really the sweetest thing and its just that little reminder that they are in there growing more and more by the day. New life is such a gift from God.


Jess said...

Yay! Belly pics! You look so cute!

Jennifer said...

Well? Boy meeper or girl meeper? Can't wait! Excited for you guys.

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