According to Anonymous

"You don't look really look pregnant. You just look like you have been eating too many cookies."

Wasn't really sure if I should understand that to be that she was telling me that I am so small but I look like I have a little pudge or what?

Pregnancy brings out all the good material I guess.


Beth said...

um yeah . . . you just wait.

When I was 24 weeks one of Kip's coworkers said "you're really big, are you having twins" and the next sunday someone at church I didn't even know said, "are you sure you're going to make it to march . . . sure there's not twins in there?" I was still wearing non maternity clothes.

Not my best week.

The Nutters! said...

Wow...special people.

Kelley Murphy said...

That sounds like something Josh would say. Actually, that's something he did say to me many times early on in both pregnancies. "Babe, you don't look pregnant. You just look like you let yourself go a little bit." Thanks, honey.

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