23 Weeks

Here are me and little meeper girl at almost 23 weeks. Special thanks to my favorite Kristen and making these side shots so much easier (not taking a picture of yourself really makes it feel less awkward).

Baby girl is getting so big and some recent developments include being able to see her little kicks now on the outside.

Everyone keeps asking about names, I hate to disappoint, but I have a feeling she won't have an official name until she goes home from the hospital. I really want to see her first before we decide. Picking a name is such a big deal, that seeing her sweet face would just make the decision so much easier.


carly said...

I love and miss you and meeps so much!

Laura said...

Aw lil meeper girl :) You look great Janet. Is it just me or is this pregnancy flying by? (it's probably just me!)

Megan said...

you are too cute :-)

Anonymous said...

Meeps at 23 weeks, I just want to give her smooches and raspberries ***** !!!!!...Ah, it's good to see you and I can't wait to see you in the round :-)
Your mom loves ya!

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