my birthday boy

To commemorate Seth's turning the 3-0 we headed off to Cape May, NJ for a long weekend at Congress Hall. The weather was perfect, minus the rain on Friday for our drive there and we had such a great time being together. It was a great little getaway in our already very full lives, sandwiched between two very packed wedding weekends.

The view from our room was the best part. And Seth's concept of what our room looked like.

As far as an baby belly pictures go, I'll save that post for later. And not to disappoint anyone, but there isn't much to see yet. I'm still hanging out in my clothes and they aren't showing many signs of not fitting anymore at 17 weeks. I'm holding out hope that I will make it more than half way through without maternity clothes.

Had an appointment with my midwife today and baby is growing and healthy. This week there has been a return of the nausea for no apparent reason, but energy wise I have been doing great.

Stay Tuned!


Anonymous said...

Did Lovey find any Beach Glass in that handful?
Was that your favorite antique piece?
^ Thirty Birthday smooches ^
I can't wait to see more pics and to be on the beach with the little Meepers someday.

your MoM loves you and CM

Jess said...

You skinny little thing! Fatty over here has already been in maternity clothes for a few weeks! Sounds like you had a nice little getaway...miss you!

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