Today we celebrate 2 years of being together. It's crazy to think about how fast time has gone by and so much has changed in between.
  • We have moved a total of three times
  • We have seen many more of our friends get married (somewhat expectedly and others much to our surprise)
  • We bought our first home
  • Thought about buying a dog (and decided against it)
  • Visited our families that were once unfamiliar faces, have now become so dear.
  • Have seen some dear friends go home to be with the Lord.
  • We have laughed together more than I ever thought we could.
  • I learned how to cook. (Miracle!)
  • Marriage has also made me hit the snooze button like I never did before.
  • We have walked through trials and seen the faithfulness of our God in new and amazing ways in how he has provide for our every need.
And now, one of my favorite parts of our wedding day is looking back through the pictures and reliving all of the precious memories from one of the most significant days of our lives that went by all too fast.
This was probably one of the most surreal moments of my life. Putting on "the dress" and finally being the bride. I was so excited and happy and couldn't wait to see Seth and 4 more hours felt like an eternity.
My amazing ladies and friends. (From L-R) Meesh is in India caring for all kinds of people through Doctors without Borders and I miss her so. Bec, is my constant and faithful best friend that I don't deserve and can't imagine my life without. Jess/Bunny is one of the dearest friends I know and spent my whole birthday day with me just because. Patrish is the one that Seth and I actually talked about on our honeymoon, because her then "friend" (now husband!) Nathan really seemed to take a marked interest in her the night before our wedding at the rehearsal dinner that resulted in her having a "I just dont know if he likes me, he is probably just being my friend" melt down in my room the night before I got married. Erin, my ever faithful G-mail chat companion who asks me how my day is and I am so grateful to have her in my life to lighten tough days and to talk fashion/decorating with. Char Monster/Carly, my dearest friend from far away who won't be too far for long. We met on a beach in San Diego and pretty much became BFF's from day one. I want to be like her in so many ways. My life is richer because of all of your friendships.
My dearest Mom, and biggest fan. I can't imagine my wedding day without her. She perservered in spite of sickness and was one of the prettiest ladies there. It brings me so much joy to see the love that she has for Seth. She respects, cherishes, and loves him just like he was her own and its so sweet to see. It's neat to see the answer to my Mom's prayers in Seth. God knew what was best for me and our family and I am so glad that they appreciate each other so much.
While the guys were out in the snow having fun, I was a nervous wreck and tried desperately to distract myself with my favorite game of cards to no avail.
More Moms. I am so grateful to God for Seth's Mom, Lori. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have Seth. She did such a good job raising my boy and it shows. He is one of the sweetest, kindest, gentlest, and funny men I have ever known and I couldn't thank he enough for it. Not to mention she always remembers birthdays, holidays and everything else in between and really takes an interest in our lives even from far away.
Seth and all his dudes.

The End.
And as you could say, the rest is history.

My love, I can't wait for all that the Lord has for us in the future and I am so glad that I get to have you by my side no matter what may come our way. You have brought so much joy to my life and I thank God so much for you.


Becca said...

so I wanted to leave a comment about how sweet it has been to see the Lord at work in your marriage and life over the past two years and then I realized... that I may be a dear friend, perhaps your best friend that you "can't imagine my life without" BUT you don't know what I look like so... I take all that back. or just pretend we're still in high school and my birthday is October 20th.

love you babe! so so grateful for what Jesus has done and is doing in your life! you make much of God by the way you walk out being Sethmus' wife!

Laura said...

Just to echo some of what becca said, it has been a joy to see God at work in your lives and marriage. It is such a blessing to be your friend and to learn from you! Praying for and excited for all God has in store this next year for you guys.

Bethany said...

Has it really been two years?!
Well, may all the future years be as rich as these have been. Thanks for sharing your pictures and memories of that momentous day.

Patricia said...

you forgot the part about how you and meesh felt the need to get up and eat italian food in the middle of the night before your wedding...and then wake me up by whispering special things in my ears.
that was awesome?! oh the memories.

Anonymous said...

Janet & Seth-
Happy 2nd Anniversary! Thank you for the kind words. Raising Seth wasn't always easy, but it was always exciting! Just kidding, he was a great kid and now has become the great man God intended him to be. Plus I have the added bonus of having a wonderful "daughter" who I love dearly. Hope to see you soon! Love, Mom R.(Lori)

Anonymous said...

Great post! We are so thankful for you Janet. I love having another Godly, fun, sweet sister in law and I love seeing how much joy you bring to Seth. Happy Anniversary!

TK said...

Cogratulations! Praying for many more years together!
love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, how time flys!
Two fabulous years!
I think of the many memories made and so many more amazing times ahead.
I love Seth and Jan!
your Mom (misses you)

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