Oh What Fun it is to Ride...

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, hands down. Being married and having a house of our own has made it even more fun and memorable. This year we started a new tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree with the Garfield's. After several trips in and out of the house, two trips to the Home Depot (the boys had to each buy their own saws), and one trip to Starbucks we were on our way. Thanks to a good tip from a friend, we found the farm out in Mt. Airy and set out to find the perfect tree. 

Every couple needs their picture in front of their tree of choice. Don't mock us, until you do it.

Mel made the tree cutting look easy as they settled on their tree before we could decide on ours. 
I wasn't really prepared for our mammoth beast of a tree when Seth had finally finished cutting it down. 

If only tying the trees to the top of the Jeep were so easy as finding the tree itself. 

Stop. We weren't more than two turns away from the place until all of a sudden our tree decided it was time to fall off the roof on the side of Rt. 27 with cars flying by at 50mph. Mel and I laughed as the boys hiked up on the hood of the car to fix the problem. What tree cutting experience would be fun without the tree falling off the roof at least once?

And what tree cutting experience would be fun without an underestimation of their size. Behold, our tree. (They really do look smaller on the field of a farm.)
The good news is, we chopped a foot off the top and rearranged the whole living room to make it work. 

Finally home. It really doesn't look so mammoth with the lights and ornaments on.
Our new tradition was a success, with the addition of several games of Rummikub for me and Mel, chili and nachos for dinner, and movies and popcorn curled up on the couch with the husbands. 

The End. 


Laurenville said...

YAY! I've been going there since I was born, ya know. :-)

Ruth said...

Haha...that's hilarious. Your tree is HUGE. Good thing you have the space for it.

We definitely went with Mike and Jess to get our trees. They found theirs in about 5 minutes...and then had to wait another 2 hours while we found ours. What can I say? We're picky. :)

Yay for fun tree stories. :)

Jess said...

So fun - we get our tree tomorrow. I can't wait! Trying to talk Dave into the 10 footer - but I think we will be coming home with an 8! Isn't Christmas the best!!

Becca said...

the picture with them on the roof is my favorite. oh boys...

Anonymous said...

Fun times!
I can smell it all the way over here!! And Please remember how thirsty the tree is!
Can't wait to see it trimmed...and flocked, not.
And to all a good night.
your MoM (is happy for you)

carly said...

Ohhh Janners. Your story-telling wins the prize!

I love you! And I love your mom!

ps- and I love your house- you do such a wonderful job of making it a home.. looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

HaHa. Looks like you had an exciting time. By the way, I tagged you on my blog...check it out to see the details. Miss you guys!!!

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