The City of Brotherly Love

A few weekends ago Seth and I got to go spend the weekend in Philadephia and do all the things that tourists do...we opted for a Middle Eastern lunch in Reading Terminal Market. It was so yum!
My favorite part of the whole weekend. My best friend and ever faithful companion, I love going through life with him at my side. I can't hardly think of anything better.

Sarah Palin was in town for the weekend and so we're all the Obama supporters. They stood out in front of her hotel for hours. Did they even see her? No. Did it really accomplish anything? No. But it was all in the name of exercising their 1st amendment right. It's great we have that right, but it's sad to see the disrespect that goes along with it, calling her names and holding signs that don't speak truth or have anything to do with political policies. It's the world we live in, one where we really do have to turn the other cheek, keep our mouths shut rather than disrespect one another and go vote. I could go on about politics right now, but I will let some far wiser people speak for me.

The protestors didn't stop us from have a great day together and what trip can go without the obligatory self portrait? But in all seriousness, it was one of the best, most enjoyable weekends we have gotten to spend together. It's rare when we have a whole Saturday to ourselves, and we enjoyed every moment of it. Shopping on Walnut Street (even taking Seth into Tiffany & Co. where I got to try on a 25k ring I will never have, nor really want), learning about history together, dinner from P.F. Changs and even a stop at J.Crew to shop for clothes.
A passerby had pity on us here and stopped and asked if she could take our picture for us. I guess its pretty hard to capture all of Constitution hall at arm's length.
The backside of Constitution Hall while we waited to enter. The line winded all the way around the building.
The real reason for our visit, the Mellinger's. This particular weekend Seth's good friend (the one who lived down the street from him as a kid, shared best man duties, worked at a pizza shop in NJ during the summers, and lead him to Christ), Jared, was ordained and installed as the Senior Pastor of Covenant Fellowship Church. What a joy it was to be there to celebrate with the family and the church on this day. I am not sure Seth could have been more proud of his friend. God is so good to us. We have so much to thank him for. And our hosts were truly heroic, taking us in on such a busy weekend and making us feel right at home, thanks Mark and Jill!


Anonymous said...

We were thrilled you were able to make it! It is always so good to see you guys; we miss you and love you.

Jared (and Meg)

Anonymous said...

Very dear pics!
God has something going on...
I love you.
your MoM

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