Before and After

The bathrooms are finally done, here is a little picture show of the progression of the powder room...its been totally transformed (pictures of the upstairs bathroom to come):

DURING (the new floors are in and the old stuff is out, but the hideous wallpaper remains. Note to self or anyone considering putting up wallpaper, this is the best piece of advice I can give: DON'T DO IT. The price you pay when you try and take it down really isn't worth it. We ended up having to sand down the walls, put two coats of primer over the wall paper and then paint two coats to get rid of that horrible memory)
SEMI-AFTER (new toilet is in and paint is almost done, we have yet to get switchplates or a new air register, but most of the work is done)

Our living room chairs finally arrived and they turned out just the way I wanted them to. And Mom was here on the day the truck dropped them off, that made the deal even sweeter.
Still waiting to hang up the pictures, the ones by the fireplace are waiting to find a home on the empty wall...one of these days...
The dining room is slowly coming together. Seth is quite proud of the chandelier and if you come over and say anything to him about it, I guarantee it will conjure up a story of how it was such a hassle to hang and that it only took all day to do it. But he really is my hero for doing it, I probably couldn't have done it any better.
We finally painted our kitchen! It kind of happened by accident while throwing a new color up on the wall and the next thing I know Seth had most of the kitchen painted. It's a pretty bold color and I'm still not totally sure how I feel about it, but I think I like it (at least for now).

If you want to see the real deal come on by! We love "pop-ins."


Jess said...

Your house is coming along beautifully! You are making a lot more progress than I am!!

The Nutters! said...

Everything looks really great Jan! Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Love the kitchen color! I can't wait to see it in person.
Mom R.

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