Where do I start? For someone who has battled often mysterious medical issues for years now, it is so strange to me that something so simple could make all the difference in the world. I went gluten free a little over two weeks ago. Cold turkey, cut it out of my diet and aside from a few small temptations, I haven't looked back.

Rewind. For most of my life there were so many foods that would make me sick. But it was hard to pinpoint what it was. Almost every meal had some effect on my stomach/digestion. In some ways it was so expected that food would make me sick that it became somewhat comical. It was like clock work, input, and then output. In spite of the humor of the situation, it made enjoying food so difficult and I clung to my favorite foods often convincing myself that bread and pasta couldn't be the problem. I tried cutting out dairy, sugar, fast food, and a variety of other things only to come up with empty solutions.

That all changed when a friend suggested that gluten might be the problem. Gluten, whats that I thought to myself? And that, may just be the problem. No blood tests have been done yet to reveal what the conclusive problem is, but needless to say, if gluten wasn't the problem I don't know what was. I have been able to digest food the way you are supposed to, I have had more energy than I have ever had, and I haven't gone to bed feeling bloated and lethargic since I made the dietary change.

It's a good test for me, I love pizza, french fries, pasta, and ice cream. But I wouldn't trade them for anything now that I have tasted how good life feels without them. And as I have done more research on the topic I have learned that it is one of the most underdiagnosed conditions there is out there and it is on the rise. In a world of processed food choices and chemically produced products/ingredients it really doesn't surprise me. And I was one of them.

So what do I eat now? More fruit, vegetables, beans, meat, and lots of brown rice and corn. It's been a mix of refreshing and challenging at the same time. All my long researched/favorite recipes are being tossed and I have been on the hunt for good tasting gluten free meals. (If you know of any send them my way!)


Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear all the good news...sounds like a new movie for Veggie Tales could be coming too! Now when will you both start taking Juice Plus on a regular basis? www.juiceplus.com/+cw58071
Can't wait to see and smell you!
I love you.
your MoM

Ruth said...

We should chat. My dad has celiac disease (allergy to gluten). It's crucial. BUT we've learned what he can have...and there are even specific brands of foods that he can have opposed to a different brand. I can get info from my mum and pass it along if you'd like. Not to mention our good ol' friend Trader Joe's has tons of different gluten-free products. They may not be the best tasting in the world (though my dad does actually like some of them) but they could possibly satisfy a forbidden craving at some point. Glad you've figured out the issue, friend!

Amy said...

Hi Janet,
I happened upon your blog via Becca Kless. My mom has celiac (like "ruth"'s dad) and has found a website that provides a list of products that are gluten free (everything from ketchup to soy sauce to meat producers who add additives with gluten to their products). It has really changed her knowing what she can and can't eat. I'll get the website from her. She is always finding new products too that taste great and she can eat (she found out she had celiac in her early-50's - so taste is a big factor). I'll get back to you!

Andrea said...

wow - i'm glad to hear that you may have found the problem and that you're feeling better! that's good news!

there is a gal in the dallas church who often posts recipes on her blog that are gluten-free b/c she had the same stuff going on that you did. (if it matters - she's jon payne's sister-in-law's sister). :) her blog is: http://thebloginmylife.blogspot.com/

EJJ said...

Hi dear!
Praying for you during this transition time...

Check out: www.eatnvegn.blogspot.com and www.101cookbooks.com

They have some awesome gluten-free recipes.

Jess said...

Hey girlie!! I'm right there with you with the diet changes and I love it! I have a new taste for fruits and vegies! I would HIGHLY recommend that you buy Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. It's full of wonderful information and recipes. She talks about how soaking your grains and flours before you use them helps to break down gluten and make the grains more digestable. She also mentions corn, oats, barley, and rye as other high gluten grains. I can't tolerate wheat because it makes me too acid, so I cook with spelt and kamut flour that I grind and have had wonderful success soaking and cooking with it. Maybe those grains would agree with you and you can make pizza dough and all kinds of yummy bread items with them - it's just crucial to cook with freshly ground flour and grains that are soaked! If you have anymore questions, just let me know. My holistic doctors and nurses out here have taught me SO much about diet. Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I found your blog randomly...just wanted to pass along this link. http://glutenfreegirl.blogspot.com/

She's not a believer, but so much of what she has on her site is great. Lots of recipes and links to other gluten-free sites.

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