D Day

It's demo day in the Remsnyder house. We are saying bye bye to the hideous bathrooms and hello to new stuff. I only wish I had pictures to share.

The blog has been neglected while we shopped, planned, and poured ourself in to these projects. Not to mention we took on caring for a turtle (that Seth "rescued"-more on that later), dogsat for a friend, installed a chandelier (it only took all of Saturday and 2 trips to the hardware store to accomplish), planted flowers in the garden, and we are almost done with the guest room for Mom's arrival next week.

Home Depot, Lowes and the Great Indoors have become my new "favorite" places to shop and never in my life have I ever cherished a 10% percent off coupon so much. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

As if we weren't taking on enough upstairs, our basement is getting an overhaul this coming weekend too. Hannah's dad is a super handy (and did I mention...generous?!) guy and he is coming down from OH to remodel the basement bathroom with David and Lord willing installing a new sliding door.

I promise we will back. Soon and very soon. Just wait for it.

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Anonymous said...

Way to make me proud!
There are no words for all this excitement!
It's such a joy that God grants to see my children grow up!
I am enjoying getting old just for all this....and more than anyone can imagine !
Let the blessings flow...(if I could only drop those 20 lbs that I found out here)
your MoM

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