Thank You Jean...

I am picky about few things outside of shoes, purses, and clothes, but thanks to a visit to Jean's house I have a new found preference, Mrs. Meyers (the Gingerbread scent is the best). Now this makes it really hard, because unfourtunately, Gingerbread is a seasonal scent. So on free shipping day with credit card in hand I stocked up. I had to wait two weeks for it to come, but I have to say that anything that makes me want to do the dishes and clean the kitchen is well worth the wait.

In the meantime while waiting for the stuff to arrive, I found out that our Germantown Target now carries a limited stock of the other scents, which is very good news so that the Mrs. Meyer's goodness can go on throughout the year.

So thank you Jean, for setting the cleaning products bar high and getting me addicted for years to come.


kara alcantar said...

jjjaaannnneetttt ilovemrsmeyers
i really do. id idnt know there was a gingerbread(?) scent.
i have lavender.

Jean said...

Only just now saw this post. I personally love lavender. I've tried them all and gingerbread is super for Christmas, but year round, lavender is the one for me. :)

Both Whole Foods and Container Store also sell Mrs. Meyer's.

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