Trader Joes to the Rescue!

Life has been full as of late, but really, when is it not? Working late, a trip to the gym, and Seth getting home earlier than planned forced me to can my more elaborate dinner plans. On a quick trip home from the gym I stopped into Trader Joes to pick up our snack food staples and also grabbed their BBQ pulled pork, whole wheat hamburger buns, a package of pearl tomatoes, carrots and their lowfat creamy basil dressing, and completed dinner with the Kettle Cooked brand Salt and Pepper potato chips.

What was the result...one happy boy! He loved the salad and the sandwich and I have to say I think I'm going to be making this dinner again.

For any of you wives out there I would highly reccomend it. Trader Joes also makes a BBQ pulled chicken too which is only $1 more ($3.99) and apart from the potato chips it was low in fat and really inexpensive for dinner on the fly. Also, we had some pork leftovers for Seth to have leftovers for lunch today!


Laura said...

gotta love TJ's ;)

beth said...

i love trader joe's...

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