Adventure #147 of Being Married to Seth

October is Monopoly month at McDonald's and I'm not going to lie, we are completely sucked in. How can you not be when you are one piece away from winning $50,000 dollars? And we are shameless in it too, this has resulted in many trips to different McDonalds, picking up cups off the side of the road and in parking lots, phone call updates throughout the day to check in and find out what ones we scored at breakfast and lunch time. Seth, being disappointed that one of the items he ordered didn't have any pieces on it confessed to the drive thru guy and having compassion on him traded him for a medium cup. Its embarassing, I know. I can't even say that we are victims to the advertising scheme because I am having way too much fun.

Our date night last night consisted of two trips to McDonalds, one parking lot pickup, "looking" in 3 trash cans, picking up pieces off the ground, and two roadside stops to confirm if the cup indeed was from McDonalds(unfourtunately both of those stops yielded no fruit which really should tell us something). And I must add it was one of our funnest yet. I felt like we were on a treasure hunt. I think my favorite moment was when we "had to pull over" to check out a cup at a bus stop and the guy who was waiting for the bus gave Seth a look like "you are completely crazy." He's probably right. Oh the depths we go to all for the sake of a win.

If anyone has Boardwalk out there, we have Park Place and maybe we could split a million?


Becca said...

my only question is what are you two going to be like when you're old geezers?

Tessa Winn said...

jim says..."obsessed much"? (name that movie remi)

we'd love to have you two insane people over for some monopoly sometime soon... :)

Kelley Murphy said...

you're nuts

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