Honeymoon Revisited

For the past two weeks one subject that has been often occupying my mind is how I'd like to go back on our honeymoon. Minus the minor passport incident (if you haven't heard the story Matt tells a legendary version) we had the perfect honeymoon. Not a day of rain, perfect temperatures, a beautiful resort, service that I could boast about for years to come, wonderful time together, and not a conflict for 9 consecutive days. My love blessed me so much by taking me to a fabulous resort. It was small, all the suites were ocean front and I have to again make a plug for good service (they gave you flags to waive on the beach if you wanted something) and the local culture was a wonderful addition to our visit in Jamaica. We got to sleep with the door open almost every night and the sound of the waves combined with the sounds of birds in the trees provided such a wonderful background noise to sleep to (we are far from that in our room now, with the lull of the air purifier keeping us company every night). This post is for you who have yet to see many of our pictures from our honeymoon. (From here on out Seth takes over with the captions)
I'm sick right now while I'm "drafting" this "post." Oh internet terminology. This picture makes me feel a lot better though. There is a verse in the Old Testament that talks about husbands taking the whole year off for the first year of marriage... this is what they're up to. That would be a good year.

This was Janet's favorite night of our honeymoon. I know, I know, you would think her new hubby could hold a candle to Bannana's Foster and a spread of deserts like few have ever seen before, but did you see that table? She still talks about it.

Please focus on the red necklace that Jan is wearing in this picture. I saw it on the beach and thought she would love it and she did! So, I paid four thousand dollars to buy it for her.

This is in the semi-outdoor lobby of our resort. It was a hallway that extended from the front of the resort to the back and there were no doors on it. The weather in Jamacia is so stable that they just build places without doors. Juat kidding, I made that up but it sounds like a good reason? Did you see her necklace?

The marriage bed is like Air Force One. If the president is on it, it's Air Force One. Well, if the married couple is on it, it's the marriage bed. Behold, king size, Marriage Bed One!

This is us on the beach. What if all blog posts were like that? This is us smiling... This is us sitting. Blogs would be soooo boring.

Alright, so there was this peacock that had a little group of female peacocks that followed him around just about all the time. Janet loved the peacocks. She was kind of obsessed if you ask me. So, here's Jan hanging out with one of the girls. They weren't scared of humans until the Remsnyder's got there.

Here we are standing...

The resort had three restaraunts that changed up from day to evening. They were all fine- dining type restaraunts and so the food was top notch, expensive and the amosphere was a couple classes above us. So, we just made ourselves at home and acted like we would anywhere. This includes janet coming over and sitting on my lap while we're eating, being loud, staring at all the older people and then being stared at ourselves.

Our waitress was very patient. "Wait wait, can you get another one I wasn't smiling," or "wait wait, can you get just one more my eyes were shut."

At the bottom of the picture you can see the secret path to the beach.

See, I told you. Obsessed. This peacock actually posed for this picture. I'm not joking.

Janet was my favorite thing about Jamacia. The trip would have been lame-o if she wasn't on it. Can you inagine anything worse than being stuck on a resort by yourself, surrounded by strangers who are all much older than you, and sights that are beautiful and a warm, clear ocean without your lovey to share it with? Just add my lovey and it was the best trip I've ever taken. She makes life better.

Yep. Pampered. I felt like a millionare two-year old wearing ruby-encrusted diapers for most of the trip. The beach chairs were all covered in a terry-cloth towel that fit the chair and everyone was given a blue flag to wave if they needed something, wanted something, or just wanted to see the beach butler walk out to where you were just because. Janet was waving that flag like it was her job!

The front of the resort. Nuff said.

The back of the resort. You know it's a good resort when it just looks like this semi-victorian, massive, mansion just grew out of the jungle hillside on the beach. This place put the E in Establishment.

The picture below is a view from our room. One day I took an ocean kayak out by myself and paddled really far beyond the reef. It was sweet. I paddled until I got scared that i might never see Jan again and then I came back in. The water was so clear that you could see down to the bottom some twenty feet or more. It was pretty amazing. I thought I might paddle to Cuba but Fidel would definitely not be ok with that. Anyway, I think there will be sights in heaven and experiences there that are a million times more glorious than this. The water will probably be sweet like C.S. Lewis wrote in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the air will be so clear it will almost feel alive and the thing I really can't wait for, lots of talking fish.


Jess said...

I loved all your pics! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time together...I say we all go back together sometime - it looks great!

Becca said...

I've seriously been trying to come up with a witty response to all the peacock pictures but I still can't. They make me laugh though! I'm honestly not sure who is more obsessed of the two of you.

Lorie said...

Interesting to know.

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