Then and Now

It has been 11 months since Seth and I have been together. I can't help but marvel at all that God has done in that time. Life has changed so much and all for good. Being with Seth is the best and I have to say that rolling over and waking up to him every morning is one of my favorite things. Our little place is coming together and for the time being in spite of the mess it really is starting to feel like "home."

Two years ago as friends having fun:
I never would have imagined we would be here on our honeymoon:
(Mary, this post is for you!)


Becca said...

you need to make sure Beth sees that picture. I emailed it to her after that special girls night. ;-)

love you! miss you!

LB said...

This makes me think about your visit last year! You told me about a boy who was maybe liking you and drove you to the airport to come see us!

Yay for Janet and Seth!

rob and mary said...

thanks janet---this update is a much appreciated break in my workday :) thanks for lookin out.

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

Tessa said...

So good to be with you two yesterday! God has done great things over those 11 months. Its so good to see Him glorified in and through your new marriage. And yeah for waking up to your hubby (just try not to push him out of bed onto the floor ;) ).

Love you girl!

Carls said...

Have I told you lately how much I love you guys? Because I do! A whole lot.... and I miss you too! And it's definitely time catch up soooon.

The Murphys said...

yay for Jamaica!

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