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We have been busy newlyweds the last couple of weeks but have loved our times spent together and also time with our new special housemates and friends. We LOVE the Smiths. They have been such a blessing to live with and we feel so grateful when we consider how much God has provided for us in living here. We have made a new friend too. Carson, is almost two and loves CARS and can't get enough of it right now. I don't think I have ever witnessed a two year be so captivated by a movie in my life. Its so cute. And although he is only two we already see some of his future adult habits coming out:
Last week due to some serious ice and snow we got to spend Valentine's Day at home with each other. Being snowed in under any circumstances is a ton of fun, but with your best friend and new husband, its even better! I slept in a little bit and when I woke up Seth and I spent some time together and he told me that he had a surprise for me. Not sure what it could possibly be I went up to breakfast and found a sweet card on my chair. When I came upstairs a little bit later I found a heart at the top of the stairs with some ingredients on it. Heeding Seth's instructions I followed the hearts all over the house and then up the stairs to Carson's play room only to find this there waiting for me:
My plans for Valentine's Day didn't work out so well so instead of blowing my big surprises I left them for Monday where I knew I could pull them all off while Seth was busy at work. I started off by cleaning up our whole apartment and started my craft project for my Love which ended up looking like this:
"50 Things I love about You"
It was one of the funnest craft projects I have ever done and even after I wrote the 50 things I love about Seth I still kept thinking about more! It made me so grateful for him. And to bless him more for our special belated Valentine's celebration I got him some special presents:

And made our room look really pretty to surprise him even more(prior to Monday everything in our apartment was pretty much a mess):
Seth was blown away by all the surprises and really blessed by all the little things. That made me so glad. Blessing him often times is more fun than when he blesses me and surprises me with special things. We got all dressed up and went out for dinner at the Melting Pot:
This past weekend we also went to our first wedding as a married couple to see Anna Foster and Joel Smith join their lives together! We had a great time and it was another fun opportunity to get dressed up for a fun night out:
And that is the catch up from our world in pictures!


Hemi said...

you guys are too cute! ;)

Jess said...

You are a wonderful wifie! I'm glad that you had such a happy Valentine's Day!!

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL! Kudos to you both...sounds like you've been having a blast being married! :)

Becca said...

way to bless the man Jan! you're a great little wifey to care for him so practically (cleaning/picking up) and in special ways with lots of hearts. ;-)

Andree noticed Carson without a shirt and assessed that our kids might wear shirts and no pants. Oh boy.

Jim & Tessa said...

Fun times! Love you two! :)

Erin said...

Aw- Jan everything is so cute! What a special idea to bless Seth. Good job!
I wanna see more pics of your apartment on here!

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