I get to marry this man tomorrow and I can't wait! Instead of counting days, we are now down to hours!!!!!


Tessa Foster said...

Less then 8 hours to go!!! PTL! ;)

Jess A. said...

I am SO happy for you! I wish I could be there! (I'm glad you were able to get this picture!)

Samantha Nhan said...

Hi Janet and Seth! A big congratulations to you both!! I am so very happy for you guys. Again, I am really really sorry that I missed your wedding on Sunday. I was on my way to the church and everything, but got stuck in the snow for almost 7 hours... I wanted to see you guys walk down the aisle so badly, I trekked through the horrible traffic. It was terrible, probably one of the worst drives I've ever experienced, and there was only two inches of snow on the road. It would have been all worth it if I at least got to see you two get married in person!

Lydia said...

Congrats! :) Your wedding was lovely.


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