And what year in review post can't start here. On August 19th , 2006 Seth Charles asked me to marry him and made me the happiest girl in the world. What a wonderful surprise it was! Since that day I have only fallen more in love with him. He has lead me well and loved me much. I am one blessed girl.

September was a fun month too. We had our engagement pictures(above) done by Matt and our dearest married friends, the Kless' blessed all of us single folk and made a huge breakfast(below) for all of us to enjoy and it was a tremendous success! Many have suggested that we do it once a month and once the wedding is over the tradition may reconvene.

In October, I changed jobs and started to work for the church and during the transition time in between we had a special visitor in the form of Carly! She is one of my dearest friends, a bridesmaid in my wedding, and a girlfried to another dear friend, Matt. Having her here was so wonderful! I miss her lots and dont get to see much of her so every minute is precious. We had lots of fun and many adventures. She is such an example to me and I can't wait for her to come and be with me during my last single days before our wedding. If you haven't met her, you should introduce yourself, she won't be scared, I promise.

Our two nieces(Isabella, pictured below, is a little older than Claire and she loves to get into anything and everything, this day my purse was one of the more entertaining things she could find) turned ONE, learned how to walk and are now saying whole words! It has been so neat to watch them grow. Every time we go and visit with family in PA I can't help but think how much bigger they have gotten. And did I mention that they are also picking up sign language quite well?!?
One of my dearest friends, Jes Mordente(now Aveni) also tied the knot in November. What a joy it was to celebrate God's faithfulness in bringing those two lives together. This pictures is especially nostalgic since it is a combination of all of Drew's "girls." Aka years of cg together have bonded him very close to each of us and has been a big brother to each of us in a very special way.

Seth's sister, Caitlin, got married on November 4th and became and Abbott. What a memorable day, again celebrating all that God has done in each of their lives to bring them together. They have such an encouraging testimony of God's faithfulness. We love them so much! And thank God that their marriage is one that reflects our Savior well.
Christmas morning with my favorite Mom! She blessed us so much during our time there and we can't wait to come back for a visit as married people. We got to eat lots of good food, play cards, watch the traditional Christmas movies and spend lots of time together. Here she is sporting her new shoes that Seth got for her as a Xmas present. Being with my Mom, sharing new traditions and just having time together was such a blessing. Seth and I enjoyed Christmas in AZ with my Mom and couldn't get enough of the 60 degree weather (Seth napped by the pool on a lounge chair for the majority of the Christmas afternoon). This is a picture of us in the back yard. The "cold" AZ winter couldn't keep Seth out of the pool. He got in anyway...with his pants rolled up. And if nothing else this picture serves as shout out to a dear TN friend. Leslie, who inspired me and made me realize that it really is ok to wear big sunglasses.
You could call this our year end review I guess...
See you in the New Year! And as Seth and I rung in the new year we could help but be a little biased in our excitement for 2007, this being the year we get married and start our new life together! (We whole heartedly agree with our little Squirrel Nutkin friend and what better picture to end it all?-Rach that one is for you)


Andree and Becca Kless said...

I have no comment on that last picture. However, that is why I am commenting. Special tribute to BJ's toys? And it's a beaver not a squirrel but it still works... and anything dedicated to Rach is good times anyway. :-)

What a year!

Elaine said...

That last picture made me laugh out loud!! As usual, I don't necessarily get the joke, but I enjoy it anyway! Love you guys,
Mama Price

R. Puckett said...

what would 2006 be without Squirrel Nutkin? A lot less fun...

Ricky said...

You guys are the best ever. Can't wait to see you soon.

the monster said...

we get to be roomies! in 2 weeks! for four days! can't wait! i love you!

Rusty said...

awww, look like you guys had so much fun. i'm so excited for you both!!!

Jess A. said...

Being in California, now, I especially love keeping up this way! I miss you guys - come see us SOON!

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