Seth isn't much of a blogger, in fact, I will prob be the only one to add anything to this page. But in spite of his lack of interest in all things blog related, I look forward to using this to keep people updated(near and far) on all the fun events in our lives together.

Blogging isn't the only thing we split ways on in our interests. He likes Transformers, loves to drive, but can't take the right exit to save his life, he hits the snooze at least three times in the morning, has the uncanny ability to sleep through his alarm clock at least twice, and in the middle of winter has his driver side climate control turned down to 64 with the window down, and in spite of all of our differences, we also have so much alike. And more than that, every day I realize how much he is like my Dad(he always gives me his pickles off his food, reads to me, and is a lefty) and our Heavenly Father. He is loving and patient, kind and gentle (unless he is trying to tickle me, which he loves to do), and continually lays his life down to serve and bless me. What an underserving girl I am. I am so glad that God was so good to bring him to me!

I am writing this post as a "wife to be", but it is something that I so look forward to because I love being with Seth, doing life with him. Last night when it was time to say goodbye I was so sad to see him go. I can't wait to roll over every night and wake up every morning to find him there next to me. He is my best friend and I can't imagine my life without him now that he is in it.


Andree and Becca Kless said...

first comment back... and I'm glad Seth shares his pickles. Andree shares his too. It's how I know he loves me cuz he actually enjoys them sometimes. :-)

Tessa Foster said...

Awww! How sweet is the love you've been given with Seth! Its been so neat to see the Lord drawing you into a deeper love of the Savior as you deepen your love for your soon to be husband. What a kind God we serve!

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